Georgia’s Digital Health Ecosystem

Georgia is proud to be the home for many of the healthcare industry’s most innovative and impactful technology companies. At TAG Digital Health Society, we are here to celebrate and grow this community. This Digital Health Ecosystem is a living directory showcasing the digital health companies who have chosen Georgia as their home. We encourage you to explore the extensive listing and wide range of search capabilities.

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Georgia is proud to have over 460 companies working in its digital health community and TAG Digital Health is pleased to share this dynamic repository of organizations nationwide
Thanks to the hard work of the Ecosystem committee and submissions from hundreds of digital health companies around the state, the TAG Digital Health Ecosystem is the most comprehensive and accurate resource of digital health companies in Georgia. It is designed to serve: Digital health companies seeking potential partners; healthcare providers searching for digital health solutions; investors looking for potential investments; healthcare companies considering a move to Georgia; and job seekers exploring new opportunities. We invite you to browse through core digital health companies as well as organizations across the broader digital health ecosystem. You can sort by company name, offering type, revenue size, location, and more. The information has been validated by TAG Digital Health Society board members and is constantly evolving as companies form, grow, and pivot.

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