Highlighting Success in Georgia

Highlighting Georgia-based companies making a big difference in healthcare

Strados Labs Inc. is a core digital health company specializing in the production of medical devices and software. Their focus is on respiratory technology enabling the understanding of pulmonary diseases and respiratory health.

Strados’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Delmonico started the company as a result of his own health struggles. He is a lifelong asthma sufferer and realized that he had a hard time controlling the asthma and knowing when his symptoms were worsening. He saw a need for a solution in the market. Delmonico set out to develop a new way to monitor lung sounds remotely and objectively. This endeavor resulted in the creation of Strados Labs.

In the U.S., 1 in 5 patients return to the hospital within 30-days due to lung health problems related to asthma, RSV, and sleep apnea, amongst others. Delmonico noticed that there was no convenient or effortless way for caregivers to capture abnormal patient lung sounds and patterns when a patient has no supervision from a doctor in their day-to-day life. This puts the patient at risk of pulmonary decompensation between appointments.

In response, Strados Labs developed the RESP™, a lung sound monitor with a connected platform, and recently received FDA 510k clearance for this product. The RESP™ is a disruptive technology that is well positioned to meet the growing demand for remote access to respiratory healthcare. Patients wear a small, non-invasive device that connects to the Smart Sensor Platform allowing easy remote detection of changes in lung behavior in real time, all the time.

Strados Labs has 15 full-time employees and eight part-time employees with 10 based in Georgia. Strados has a technical team with deep expertise in the medical device industry.

They enjoy being based in Georgia because of the opportunity that the area provides. Atlanta is home to The Georgia Institute of Technology. Richard Powers, Cofounder of Strados says, “Being next to Georgia Tech is a great pipeline for talent. We can hire multiple former interns from the school as full-time employees allowing our company to grow and to utilize the young talent that is available.” Georgia is the home of the Strados Research & Development and operations efforts. They are a signature company for the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech. ATDC is a great environment for startups and Strados is strategically located near the campus to receive easy access to the college, its resources, and student talent.

With $1 million in sales with big pharma, eight successful clinical trials, and four patents filed in the U.S., Strados Labs is making great strides in the healthcare community with its new technology. RESP™ has been proven to detect cough and wheeze automatically with 90%+ accuracy. Strados is paving the way for other digital healthcare companies with their developments and the company is excited to see what the future of Strados entails.

For more information on Strados Labs Inc., visit stradoslabs.com.