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Corstrata is a tech-enabled services company that offers consumers, homecare agencies, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, payers, manufacturers, care management companies, and emerging hospital at home solutions remote access to board-certified wound and ostomy nurses.

Founded in 2016 by two home health operators in Savannah, Georgia who saw first-hand the struggles patients and home health nurses experienced while trying to care for wounds in the home, Corstrata has completed nearly 10,000 consults in 2021, representing more than 100% year-over-year growth.

Today, Corstrata’s nationwide team of board-certified Wound and Ostomy Care Nurses (WOCNs) leverage the company’s remote telehealth and patient engagement technology to work with healthcare providers and patients to provide best-in-class wound and ostomy care at a lower cost and superior clinical outcomes.

Wounds are present in 30% of the home-bound Medicare patients. Covid-associated access issues have resulted in a 57% increase in diabetic foot ulcer related amputations. Additionally, nearly one million people have an ostomy, according to the United Ostomy Associations of America. These patients have limited access to the complex care they need, and many clinicians do not feel adequately prepared to provide the right care for these patients, leading to costly hospital readmissions as high as 30% for some ostomates.

Co-founder and CFO Joe Ebberwein said, “As we saw these patients struggling, we knew there had to be a better way through the use of technology. We leveraged the many collaborative organizations and events in Georgia, like TAG Digital Health and ATDC, to build the foundation of Corstrata and make the connections needed to launch the business. Plus, the access to talent here in Georgia is fantastic, given the universities and the volume of digital health companies based in the state.”

Today, Corstrata has 10 employees and 15 full and part-time board-certified wound and ostomy certified nurses (WOCNs) nurses who are licensed to practice in all 50 states. As the company scales, they have a curated waiting list of over 170 board-certified nurses who embrace the benefits of Corstrata’s virtual care model. The response has been great- as an example, in Corstrata’s Ostomy telehealth solution with 99% of the patients receiving a Corstrata consultation reported that they would recommend Corstrata to their friends, and 22% reported that they would have gone to the emergency room had they not had access to a Corstrata nurse.

The Corstrata team sees tremendous opportunities ahead, particularly given the adoption of telehealth as a result of Covid, rapid movement to value-based care reimbursement models and the emerging model of hospital-at-home. They also anticipate moving more aggressively to the direct-to-consumer model in 2022 and growing their corporate infrastructure in Savannah.

For more information on Corstrata, contact Co-Founder and CFO Joe Ebberwein at 800-566-1307 or email joseph.ebberwein@corstrata.com.