Sponsors of the Digital Health Ecosystem

Sponsors of the Digital Health Ecosystem

Custom software company Telliant produces Digital Health Ecosystem
Telliant is a custom software development company with expertise in digital health, fintech, education, supply chain, and hospitality industries. Telliant takes a company’s idea for a solution and builds the software to create it. The company’s largest market is healthcare, but they also have deep domain expertise in fintech and cybersecurity. The company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia but has a development center in Chennai, India. This development center consists of a team that has knowledge in mobile applications and software platforms. They can create the product that the client desires.

CEO Seth Narayanan and his wife Kathleen founded Telliant in 2010 after building software solutions and supporting companies in the fintech space. Seth is originally from Chennai, India which is why the development center is based there. They have great track record of success in the digital healthcare area. For example, Telliant has developed three different electronic medical record (EMR) systems, multiple telemedicine apps and patient engagement systems, as well as a number of other healthcare apps.

Using digital health as a solution for health problems streamlines business for the healthcare providers and convenience for the patients. The company is currently working on a medical device software application that will have the ability to address a problem called “wrong site surgery.” Wrong site surgery is an incident when surgery is conducted on the wrong patient, the wrong body part, or the wrong side of the body. This software will enable nurses to go through a process with the application to ensure that the surgeons are working on the correct person, the correct limb, and the correct side of the body. This will save doctors and hospitals from suffering through malpractice lawsuits as well as save many lives.

Telliant became a TAG sponsor three years ago. Before the sponsorship, two of Telliant’s senior executives were closely involved with TAG. Seth Narayanan has served on the TAG Digital Health Board of Directors since 2016, and Chris Karabinos has been on the board since 2011 serving as the Chair for the last three years.

The company’s biggest contribution to Georgia’s digital health community has been the creation and donation of the Digital Health Ecosystem platform. Telliant worked with other board members and volunteers for nine months to develop a functional platform designed to help digital health companies in Georgia connect. The Ecosystem launched on March 30th, 2022, at the Digital Health Summit. The ecosystem provides a way for users to easily explore the digital health companies that have chosen Georgia as their home.

Telliant will be a TAG Digital Health sponsor for years to come and will continue to maintain the Digital Health Ecosystem website.

To learn more about Telliant visit www.telliant.com
To explore the Ecosystem, go to digitalhealthecosystem.tagonline.org